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Environment and Social Impact Assessments


We have developed considerable regulatory expertise for addressing legal aspects of environmental issues across multiple sectors. We have proven expertise in gaining approvals, permitting and licensing. We carry out assessment of compliance with regulations, standards and best practice governing the environmental quality, health and safety, protection of sensitive areas, land use control and ecological and socio-economic issues.

We assess the environmental and socio-economic consequences of a project and provide information to support decision making. We carry out Environmental Impact Assessment / Project Management and Coordination/Health Impact Assessments/ Sustainability Appraisals /Strategic Environmental Assessments / and Social and Socio-economic Assessments.

We Conduct environmental feasibility reporting and develop Environmental Management Programmes and Plans. We help our clients (including Government Agencies) to develop Resettlement Action Plans (RAPs) by specifying the procedures to be followed and the actions to be taken in order to properly resettle and compensate the affected people and communities.